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Sunday, 4 September 2011

there's reasonable treatment and there's unreasonable treatment....

Went to see mum this afternoon.  The back of her left hand is black and blue where the first cannula was.  Apparently it stopped working so they removed it and tried to insert a cannula in the back of her right hand, now also black and blue, but failed.  The new cannula is in her right arm.  I can only imagine mum's pain and distress as all this was going on.  They're planning to give her a third brain scan but will sedate her completely beforehand to make sure she doesn't move - I can't help thinking the anaesthetic might finish her off.  I don't understand why they're persisting with these procedures.  We were told on Friday night that although there's a 4 hour window to give a blood clot busting injection to potential stroke victims, mum wouldn't be getting one because of her age.  So why pursue the brain scan - there's probably nothing they could or would do if they did find a bleed.

Mum still can't talk, she mutters as though her jaws are stuck together but some of the old mum has returned - you should have seen the dismissive wave of the hand accompanying one 'sentence', directed at the nurse who had been talking to us!  Probably a good job she can't be understood at present.  I got her to take a few tiny sips of chocolate mousse - the nurses were surprised and said that was more than they had managed, they can't have tried very hard.  I just don't think she's getting the quality of care in hospital that she would have in the home, can't wait to get her back there.  I have to phone the hospital tomorrow afternoon to find out what the consultant has decided.


RNSANE said...

It is so sad to watch a loved one enduring this kind of torture ... and it really does seem like torture. If there no longer any hope, far better to let her end her days where she is comfortable and cared for by sensitive people.

I am so sorry, as an RN of 45 years, for all she is suffering. I wish all of you strength at this time.

Lily said...

Thank you for your kind wishes RN, hopefully things will improve soon.