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Monday, 5 September 2011

the sparrow has landed

Mum arrived back at the care home this afternoon, the hospital did not discharge her with a diagnosis or any test results.  The care home staff said she was starving and munched her way through lots of food on her arrival - no difficulty with swallowing at all!  When my daughter and I went to see her tonight, she had another sandwich, a biscuit and a few sips of tea.  She still can't talk but seemed  happy to be back in familiar surroundings.  Surprisingly she wasn't resting in bed after her ordeal - staff said she kept trying to get out so they put her in the lounge with the other residents where she enjoyed the company.  Her eyes are still a little hooded and her right side is still weak, she has limited use of her right arm and hand, but hopefully will improve with time.  Altogether, she looked much better than I'd expected.  So glad we got her out of hospital before she starved to death!


Greg said...

I'm relieved that your Mum is "home" and that she's eating.

I know my Mum appreciated being back after her Hospital stay. At times she didn't appear certain where she was when she was there, but the comparably low levels of attention and interaction took their toll on her and left her mute, unresponsive and uncooperative whilst on the ward. And I'm sure the blood clot that finished her off resulted from the fortnight of immobility. How ironic that after flying around the world so many many times in her youth, Mum finally succumbed to DVT in the end.

Like you've said, what is the point of taking them away from their comfort at this age when the Doctors aren't going to want to perform surgically in any case?

Lily said...

You're so right. I'm going to try to contact mum's doctor today, to get her approval for mum not to be treated in hospital again.

Clippy Mat said...

God love her. But it is nice that she's happy to be back in the care home after all of your initial worries on that score. It must be very reassuring.
and big congrats on your news of becoming a grandmother.

Lily said...

Cheers Clippy!