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Sunday, 12 June 2011

I'm almost a sexagenarian!

I shall be 60 on Tuesday, a depressing prospect made slightly better by kidding myself that I shall then be a sexygenarian, oh yes I will!  Beloved son has come up to spend the whole week with us, a huge treat, and him indoors and lovely daughter are busy organising my 'surprise' party for next Saturday - a humungous affair of which I am supposed to be ignorant but actually know just about everything, given HI's total inability to keep secrets.  I'm not so worried about BS now, he's still deeply committed to exposing political conspiracies and cover-ups but seems in good spirits and has just been invited to submit an article to a prestigious website, which hopefully will lead to better things.

A friend and I visited a 'psychic' the other week. I thought the readings were 50% bullshit - character descriptions that could have applied to anyone, 'spirits' with very common names getting in touch and some stuff that was just plain wrong. Also, when my friend and I got together afterwards, we discovered that half of what had been said was the same for both of us!  However, the psychic lady did pull a face when she said there was something in the bottom left hand corner of my garden that needed attending to - she couldn't have known I'd been meaning to flush out the dog toilet for ages! and she asked if I'd got the blind fixed - there's a raggy one still hanging in the kitchen at mum's bungalow. Here's a few more gems from that session:

  • There's going to be a birth in the family and the name Helen is significant (-my middle name. Given the psychic was looking at a middle aged woman who probably had relatives of childbearing age, not a huge surprise, although lovely daughter has come off the pill...)
  • someone called Sarah with an unusual degree will be instrumental in finding beloved son a job, something to do with the media/music and what looked like lots of intertwined Ss (treble clefs, dollar signs?)
  • BS will find his soulmate and live abroad (oh no - he already has an american cyber girlfriend!)
  • BS needed to see a dentist about a problem at the back of his mouth and he'd had knee trouble (no he doesn't and no he didn't)
  • If anyone has to go to Kent, not to go by car (LD and her partner  have to go to a christening in London next week, hope she drives carefully and doesn't get ANOTHER speeding ticket - 98mph recently!)
  • I'm going to get an invitation to stay with someone with property in France and should take it (don't know anyone)
  • Money from property is coming my way (again, at my age you might expect legacies I suppose)
  • Someone called Margaret is going to have health worries but she'll be ok
  • September is significant, I could be influenced by someone to take up training in a new hobby
  • I've had a hard few years (well yes, but I would imagine most people going to a psychic are hoping for reassurance about a happier future)
  • my kitchen is on strong ley lines (wonder if that's why the dog keep losing control of her bowels and bladder in there?)
  • I'll have two holidays this year (actually I am thinking about planning a romantic break for him indoors' 60th in November)
  • My daughter must not cut her hair (well it is long and looks very nice)
  • Richard will pass with flying colours (?)
  • Someone called Andrew will try to get me involved in raising money for charity
  • my uncle Jack told her I didn't put all my Christmas decorations up, spragger! (who does these days?)
There was lots more but because I couldn't take notes during the hour long session, I'd forgotten or confused some of it by the time I came to write it down. I shall keep an open, if sceptical, mind and post again if any of the above come to pass.

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