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Thursday, 9 June 2011


For weeks now I have been corresponding with a pensions company who tracked me down about my old ICI pension - I only worked there from 1969 to about 1972 but was looking forward to a modest windfall. I had to provide my birth and marriage certificates and umpteen examples of my maiden name and current signatures before they would tell me how much was in the pot.
The eagerly awaited letter came yesterday. Apparently, I have two options:
#1 - a cash sum of £25.46 woohoo! (75% of which might be subject to tax) or
#2 - an annual pension of £1.34 throughout my lifetime! Tempting.
To register my choice, I now have to complete a 3 page Retirement Benefits Questionnaire, the purpose of which is 'to confirm that benefits are within the Lifetime Allowance, which stands at £1.80 million.'
Can I be arsed?

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