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Saturday, 7 August 2010

spammers leave my blog alone!

Is anyone else getting annoying intruders? The last couple of times I've checked my blog, I've found the odd word or phrase highlighted by agents unknown and turned into a link to another website. This week, 'eating' and 'losing weight' have been used to take readers to websites advertising slimming products. Once the link has been clicked, it disappears from the post. Bloody cheek!


Greg said...

How peculiar! I haven't noticed that happening on your blog but, like you, I'd be very annoyed by such fly postings.

It's in my nature to respond this way, but when I saw "leave my blog alone!" I instantly took it personally and thought I must have offended you. It took a moment for me to pick up the courage to read on.

I really must grow a spine.

Emily said...

Wow. I have not seen this. What nerve!

Lily said...

lol Greg! I have changed the post title in case any other readers out there share your delicate sensibilities! Being spineless doesn't necessarily mean being weak - think of jellyfish and their stings! And it means you can always touch your toes. Anyway, spines only increase the likelihood of backache, be fab and floppy instead :-)
Hi Emily, I'm even noticing this strange phenomenon (can't type or say that word without thinking of Sesame Street - 'phenomenon doo doo de dudoo, phenomenon doo doo de doo) cropping up in emails I receive. Must do a virus checker..

bulletholes said...

I lost 7 pounds last week eating Belladonna.