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Sunday, 8 August 2010

hair raising

Disaster! I washed my hair this morning - what was a warm brunette mop streaked with honey is now a more ordinary brown with sulphourous streaks! I have purchased a product promising 'medium ash brown' in the hope that the abomination can be toned down in time for work tomorrow. I suspect I may end up extremely dark brown indeed. Sigh.

Can anyone else see the word 'work' in the above paragraph coloured green and underlined as a link? Not guilty!


As I suspected :-(

Oh well, that's me washing my hair every morning for the next few days in the hope that the expresso coffee thing I have going on fades in time for my hols next week.


Greg said...

Nope, the green link thing isn't happening for me. I wonder if you're right that it's some sort of "summer cold" that your PC has picked up?

Or are your blog posts getting highlights to match your hair, perhaps????

Lily said...

lol, cheeky!

bulletholes said...

Never understood "Ash Brown". Needs an "H".