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Saturday, 9 January 2010

PROPER winter!

Love it, love it, love it! This is the (mobile phone) view from my doorstep this morning.

My car is still stuck in the snow (must try to move it today) and I haven't seen mum for just over a week. Can you imagine how stressed out I'd be now if she were still at home and I either couldn't get to her or had to move in with her? Instead I can relax, safe in the knowledge she is being well cared for, and enjoy this old fashioned winter. Ahhhh, bliss :-)

Mission accomplished! It took two women, three men, a piece of old carpet, several flattened cardboard boxes and LOTS of shoving and shunting and revving and burning rubber to shift my car from where it has been stuck in the snow for the last three days, to the safety of the the village hall car park a few hundred yards up the road! This next photo is lovely daughter on her way back home up our village road after the Herculean car relocation and the one after is a view across the fields from the village hall.


Emily said...

BLISS! Enjoy the beauty! If I didn't have to drive in the stuff....and shovel it...I'd love snow. Shoveling isn't really bad, but the driving can be terrifying.

rilera said...

Lovely photos! You're relatively close to Edinburgh aren't you?

Lily said...

Its a lovely sunny day today Emily so hopefully I'll be able to try out my new digital camera!
Not that close actually, Rilera - we're 169.6 miles or 3 hr 37 min south east from Edinburgh, according to AA routemap!

Clippy Mat said...

lovely photos. how nice to know that you didn't have to worry about your mum for a change.
it looks like you live in a beautiful place.