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Sunday, 23 March 2008

Self-indulgent Sunday

Woke up thinking it was about 8am but the brightness was due to the reflection from the snow, it was actually 6.30. What's a wide-awake woman to do? Mess about on the computer of course! Back to bed after a couple of hours, bearing cups of tea. Snuggle. Snooze. Get up again and potter about for a few hours. Go out for Sunday lunch, which was fabulous, and so stuffed myself I couldn't take a deep breath - no room for my lungs to expand! Round to friends, chat and bond with the rotty, go home, watch Big Fish then Lark Rise to Candleford then back on the computer with No 1 Ladies' Detective Agency on in the background. Weekends don't get much more relaxing than this! Finished off with a sort through some of my dad's bits and pieces that had fallen foul of mum's cupboard clear-out. Kept some bits for sentimental value, gave a flint-sets-light-to-rope gadget to husband and chucked out the rubbish. Tomorrow I shall be a good girl and do worthy housewifey things. Possibly.

And the good news is...no duck fricassee on the road home.

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