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Monday, 11 July 2011

Those of a nervous disposition look away now......

This is a true story.  It happened to me today and yet I still don't know quite how it happened.  Anyway, this morning I had to go to a meeting in another workplace.  You should know that my job requires me to wear a lanyard round my neck with my office swipe card, door key and ID photo hanging off the bottom of it.  Before I went into the meeting, I went to the loo to spend a penny. An hour later, I spent another penny before the long walk back to the car, along many a corridor and past many people, mostly male.  As I got into the car, something caught my eye on the end of the lanyard.  There, stuck firmly to the swipe card was a panty liner.  Not just any panty liner, but the very one that just over an hour previously had been stuck equally firmly (or so I thought) to my pants.  Now what I want to know is:
  1. on which trip to the loo did the transfer take place and how?
  2. did anyone notice but feel too embarrassed to tell me?


Greg said...

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha... eek.

Let's hope it was the second trip and that the mostly male passers-by had no idea what that was and mistook it for a serviette

In your place I'd quit work, sell the house, change my name and open a sandwich shack on a beach far far far away.

But then that's my strategy for just about any incident - basically any excuse to go off on my travels will do

Lily said...

lol, I like your strategy! Ah well, gave the girls at work a good laugh (I didn't tell the guys).

BB-Idaho said...

I shan't tell a soul!!