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Saturday, 26 March 2011

all change

It was my last day at work yesterday, well last day at the old post - I start at my new team on 1 April so I've a week off to wind down and chill out. Its been quite touching saying my goodbyes, lots of hugs from colleagues and kind comments. I didn't finish the last few reports until nearly nine o'clock last night and it was a strange, sad feeling leaving for the last time, with only a few people around to say goodbye to and a last walk in the dark to the car park clutching an enormous bouquet of flowers and a big bag of stuff cleared from desk drawers. I'm only blogging now because I woke up an hour ago remembering that I'd forgotten to set an automatic email reply message to let people know I'd gone and who to contact in my stead, so needed to let a colleague know my password to do it for me. Feeling a bit anxious about the new job - whole new set of procedures and computer systems to get to grips with. Also I have a meeting with a guardian from the Court of Protection at mum's care home in a couple of weeks which is stressing me out a bit - don't know what to expect.


libby said...

Breathe, smile and inwardly just know that you will be fine..

Lily said...

Thanks libby, will try to remember your advice on Monday!